MasterBrain is the most advanced and effective brain stack ever developed to:
  • Sharpen Focus & Clarity
  • Improve Mental Performance
  • Boost Natural Energy Levels
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety Levels
  • Improve Memory & Recall
With MasterBrain you’ll be at the top of your game all day, so you can get the most out of every day. MasterBrain optimizes your mind so you can dominate your day! It improves focus and mental alertness to help keep you dialed into your day. Now you can unleash your full potential with MasterBrain!
Memory & Focus
Naturally increase neurotransmitters in your brain to increase mental function and unlock your mind's true performance potential.
Fight OFF
Mental Fatigue
Reduce your stress to allow you to focus sharper and longer on tasks without being distracted by outside influences.
Learning Ability
Increase your memory retention to improve your ability to absorb new information and adapt to excel at new tasks.
Brain Health
Optimize neurotransmitter function while improving blood flow to protect your brain from fatigue.
You have nothing to lose!
We stand behind MasterBrain with a 
110% Money Back Guarantee
Feel the effects of MasterBrain or  get your Money Back, PLUS an extra 10%!
MasterBrain contains 2 powerful products in a precise blend of pharmaceutical grade, clinically-studied ingredients suggested to SAFELY INCREASE FOCUS, MEMORY, ENERGY, AND MENTAL PERFORMANCE ... to help you DOMINATE your day!
This natural derivative of periwinkle has been shown to enhance blood flow to the brain and increase focus and concentration by 121%.
Bacopa Monnieri
A natural antioxidant used to improve speed of visual information processing, learning rate, and memory consolidation.
Alpha GPC
This naturally occurring choline compound is found in the brain. It has been shown to significantly reduce physical and mental fatigue, improve well-being, and improve IQ scores.
Huperzine A
Improves cognition by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine to enhance memory and learning performance by 89.2%
Known as the ancient 'universal herb for protection' it is used to assist digestion and liver function, expel toxins and relax the nervous system.
This powerful amino acid is used to promote mental alertness and reduces stress without any sedation side-effects.
A Full Month's Supply for Just $79
That's About $2 a Day
Cheaper Than  Coffee or Energy Drinks ... and Far More Effective!
Here's What People Are Saying about MasterBrain

"Most of you that know me, know that on a daily basis I'm juggling multiple jobs and tasks. This can have me feeling scatterbrained and unfocused. I'm working on simplifying my website this week so I was thrilled when @1stphorm came out with this lifesaver of a product, Masterbrain"

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"This product just works! I felt more mentally capable and alert during my awake times and my sleep times felt much more restful when normal they are sporadic and inconsistent. With my lifestyle of work schedule this consistency and alertness is huge!"

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"I had started taking this and noticed a great difference and I don't even trust 99% of the junk supplement companies out there!"

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How does MasterBrain Work?
Your brain requires the right nutrients to function at its full potential. Master Brain is formulated to bring those to you in a precise formula to make you more efficient. This powerful brain-boosting stack of powerful nootropics, called "smart drugs" to increase brain activity.  MasterBrain contains clinically studied ingredients designed to optimize your mental performance by enhancing memory retention and recall … and give you an all-day razor sharp focus so you can get the job done. MasterBrain "wakes your brain up" and allows you to ignore constant distractions and focus on the task at hand. It gets you dialed in so you’re motivated and alert! You'll find yourself concentrating harder and remembering more than ever before with MasterBrain.
What makes MasterBrain different?
MasterBrain is hands down the best focus and concentration formula ever made … and unlike anything you've ever used before! This isn’t some cobbled together brain product … We formulated MasterBrain for ourselves, to use here at the office! We wanted something to help us stay sharp and focused all day long. We sourced the absolute best nootropics we could and combined them into a very specific formula using full efficacious doses of every single one ingredient. No corners were cut … we wanted the absolute best! We started using it here several years ago and the formula has evolved thru testing to become better over time ... to what it is today. I guess the word got out … and we’ve had so many people ask for it that we’ve decided to make it available to our customers!
How long does MasterBrain last?
The effects of MasterBrain last all day ... because unlike any other formula out there, it contains both a morning and a night-time component. Afterall, no one wants to be focussed and limitless for just part of the day! When you buy MasterBrain, you'll get a 30 day supply of MasterBrain AM and a 30 day supply of MasterBrain PM ... so you'll be set for a full month of absolutely dominating your days. You'll have the option today to get more MasterBrain at the discounted price and even to subscribe at the discounted price so you get some sent every month so you never run out.  That way you can get ahead ... and stay ahead with MasterBrain!
How do I take MasterBrain?
MasterBrain is easy to use. Just take 3 capsules of MasterBrain AM in the morning. Then take 3 capsules of MasterBrain PM about 45 minutes before you want to fall asleep.  You'll use MasterBrain in a cycle of 5 days on, 2 days off.  That's It ... Told you it was easy!
30-Day Supply of MasterBrain!
Only $79

 Normally $119 

You Save $40
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