The Holy Grail Of Brain Performance Is Here!
Despite popular belief, the notion that most of us only control 10% of our brains is actually a myth. We use every single part of our brain to perform different tasks at a given time. What’s not a myth, however, is that in most cases, this vital organ is seriously underperforming, compared to its actual potential. 
You might think we are being sarcastic, but what we are really doing is being blatantly honest: To formulate a working product, let alone a potent nutritional supplement, you need to have a sound understanding of its underlying mechanisms.  Evidently, we do. 
That is why we are so confident about our MasterBrain, the strongest nootropic supplement on the market today. By the time you finish reading this, so will you.
The MasterBrain Edge
Several factors are contributing to MasterBrain’s profound advantage compared to the competition. The first and most important one is Synergy. Through an exhausting R&D process, we have painstakingly singled out the most effective natural ingredients that have clinically proven brain-enhancing properties, to fuel our supplement. But here’s the catch; our combination in carefully chosen, specific dosages, in the form of our proprietary blend, has a larger effect than the sum of the ingredients’ individual effects! What’s more, by massively sourcing all these top-quality ingredients at once, we have achieved an unbeatable price, much lower than you would have paid for these components individually.
Furthermore, to reaffirm our commitment to unparalleled quality, we manufacture MasterBrain in a U.S.-based, FDA Inspected, CGMP-compliant facility, so you know we put our money where our mouth is.
MasterBrain is the most advanced and effective brain stack ever developed to:
  • Sharpen Focus & Clarity
  • Improve Mental Performance
  • Boost Natural Energy Levels
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety Levels
  • Improve Memory & Recall
With MasterBrain you’ll be at the top of your game all day, so you can get the most out of every day. MasterBrain optimizes your mind so you can dominate your day! It improves focus and mental alertness to help keep you dialed into your day. Now you can unleash your full potential with MasterBrain!
Memory and Focus
MasterBrain’s bioactive ingredients work in tandem to effectively remove the brakes from your mind’s neural processes. By optimizing the levels of key neurotransmitters at the synapses, you effectively hack your brain to release its real power.
Shield Against Mental Fatigue
Besides making your brain work more efficiently, MasterBrain protects it from getting tired as well. As a result, you focus sharper and for longer periods, getting things done at a phenomenal rate.
Absorb More Information
Memory retention is another critical area that receives an upgrade from MasterBrain’s nootropic effects. You will notice that you will comprehend more and more difficult concepts, faster, rising to expert levels in a flash. 
Healthy Brain
An optimally working brain is a healthy brain. Improved brain function is the result of great blood flow, among others, which helps the brain resist the detrimental effects of stress, anxiety, and aging
You have nothing to lose!
We stand behind MasterBrain with a 
110% Money Back Guarantee
Feel the effects of MasterBrain or  get your Money Back, PLUS an extra 10%!
The MasterBrain solution comprises two distinct products, precisely formulated to deliver maximum benefits according to the time of administration, morning or evening. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and science-backed by clinical studies, ensuring their safety, potency, and efficacy. The perfect combination of Mental Focus, Memory Boost, Energy, and Clarity, to help you rip through your daily tasks with maximum efficiency.
Originating from the Periwinkle plant, vinpocetine has protective and anti-aging properties. It has been shown to decrease reaction time, boost memory, and slow down cognitive decline, probably through the improvement of blood flow in the brain.
Bacopa Monnieri
A very potent nootropic herb, traditionally used for cognitive enhancement. It has been shown to significantly increase memory retention while decreasing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression at the same time.
Alpha GPC
A naturally occurring cholinergic compound with established cognitive-boosting properties. It significantly enhances mental, as well as physical output, making it a great supplement for athletes and physically active individuals.
Huperzine A
Another naturally occurring compound with potent nootropic activity. Its mechanism of action involves the inhibition of an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, thereby effectively increasing acetylcholine, aka the learning neurotransmitter, in the brain. Notably, many expensive prescription drugs for Alzheimer’s disease exhibit the same mechanism of action.
One of the non-nootropic ingredients, this natural compound is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, that works synergistically by aiding the body in detoxifying and reducing stress on the central nervous system.
An amino acid that is used by the body to biosynthesize the key neurotransmitters noradrenaline and dopamine. It has been shown to increase cognition, working memory and subjective well-being, by fighting the effects of acute stress.
A Full Month's Supply for Just $79
That's About $2 a Day
Cheaper Than  Coffee or Energy Drinks ... and Far More Effective!
Here's What People Are Saying about MasterBrain

"Most of you that know me, know that on a daily basis I'm juggling multiple jobs and tasks. This can have me feeling scatterbrained and unfocused. I'm working on simplifying my website this week so I was thrilled when @1stphorm came out with this lifesaver of a product, Masterbrain"

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"This product just works! I felt more mentally capable and alert during my awake times and my sleep times felt much more restful when normal they are sporadic and inconsistent. With my lifestyle of work schedule this consistency and alertness is huge!"

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"I had started taking this and noticed a great difference and I don't even trust 99% of the junk supplement companies out there!"

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How does MasterBrain Work?
It’s not magic; it’s science! MasterBrain “tweaks” your brain’s physiological processes to have them work at maximum efficiency. By harnessing the power of powerful natural substances called nootropics, or “smart drugs,” MasterBrain optimizes the levels of the brain’s own neurotransmitters, effectively removing the brakes from functions such as focus and memory retention. Moreover, it improves blood flow and offers antioxidant protection, effectively shielding the brain from the detrimental effects of anxiety and stress, as well as the physically occurring deterioration that comes with age.
What makes MasterBrain different?
Synergy! Our meticulous R&D process has pinpointed the most efficient natural nootropic compounds at the optimal dosages that have their effects multiplied when used together! This is hands down, the strongest nootropic nutritional supplement on the market today. What’s more, in order to ensure that it packs the same mental punch to the last capsule, we sourced the highest quality raw materials on the market and manufactured the product in an FDA Inspected, U.S.-based facility, holding the most stringent CGMP certifications. No compromise whatsoever!
How long does MasterBrain last?
Brain health is more than the short-term performance boost during the day; it’s about maximum recovery during nighttime as well. That is why we are the first and only to offer a complete, 24-hour solution for brain performance and health. When you buy a 30-day supply of MasterBrain, you essentially receive two products: one to be taken in the morning, offering maximum benefits in terms of focus, mental clarity, and mental stamina, and one to be taken in the evening, facilitating memory retention, central nervous system relaxation, recovery and sleep quality. What more could you ask for?
How do I take MasterBrain?
MasterBrain is easy to use. Just take three capsules of MasterBrain AM in the morning. Then take three capsules of MasterBrain PM about 45 minutes before going to bed. You will use MasterBrain in a cycle of 5 days on, 2 days off. Simplicity at its finest! 
30-Day Supply of MasterBrain!
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